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ECN Newsletter: Solar panels could be more sustainable

Friday June 6, 2014

Solar energy is hot. In the Netherlands, more and more companies and consumers are installing panels on their offices, homes or outbuildings. After all, they are sustainable. Green. And cheap. Or are they? How long does a solar panel actually last? And how easy is it to replace or recycle? ECN has gone back to the drawing board to develop a more sustainable model. Read more.

imec magazine: Are your solar panels recyclable?

November, 2014

Since the beginning of this century, increasing numbers of people have installed solar panels on the roofs of their houses. As most of the panels have been produced relatively recently, there is not so much data available on the lifetime, but their energy generation is known to reduce with age. At some point these solar panels will have to be removed, a process which may begin in the next ten years. But how will they be recycled? The EU-project CU-PV tackles this problem: how to recycle today’s solar panels, and one step before this, how to design solar panels which are more recyclable? Imec researcher Barry O’Sullivan explains which measures are needed to be taken to make solar panels more recyclable and what imec is doing in this quest. Read more.