Sustainable photovoltaics

For photovoltaics to be sustainable, the design and production of PV modules must:

  • avoid or minimize the use of scarce materials
  • minimize the use of conventional electricity, and maximize the use of renewable electricity in the production
  • encourage recycling and re-use of components and materials from PV systems at their end of lifetime (“cradle to cradle”-approach)
  • ensure social sustainability (e.g. fair work conditions) for the production and recycling of PV systems

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This website is created by the CU-PV project. The CU-PV project is a collaborative research project, co-funded by the European Union, which aims to improve sustainability of PV in 3 key areas:

  • consumption of silver for the production of PV modules
  • consumption of energy for the production of PV modules
  • recycling of PV modules

Get more information on the project and its actors at "CU-PV project" and watch our project video at "Publications & video".